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I am a researcher and lecturer at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (SUAS). Here I am a member of the Applied Data Science Lab. The courses to lecture are in the field of Signal Processing, Applied Mathematics, Machine Learning and Image Processing for the degree programs of Information Technology & Systems Management (Bachelor- & Masters-Level) and Applied Image & Signal Processing (Masters-level, Joint Master with the Paris-Lodron University Salzburg). Before SUAS, I spent 2 years as a researcher at medPhoton, working in the field of Medical Physics and Image Processing applying AI for image quality improvements for Cone-Beam CTs.


For course materials please be referred to the SUAS LMS.

  • (WS22) AISM3RILIL - Reinforcement Learning
  • (WS22) AISM3ARLIL - Applied Reinforcement Learning
  • (WS22) AISM1HOSIL - Hardware Oriented Signal Processing
  • (WS22) ITSB5DAPIL - Data Analysis with Python

Previous Years

  • (SS22,SS21) ITSM2MALIL - Machine Learning
  • (SS22,SS21,SS20) AISM2DSPIL/ITSM2DSVIL - Digital Signal Processing 2
  • (WS21,WS20) AISM1DSPIL/ITSM1DSVIL - Digital Signal Processing 1 (Lab only)
  • (WS21,WS20) ITSB5DAPIL - Data Analysis with Python
  • (WS21,WS20) ITSM3DELIL - Deep Learning Lab (Lab only)
  • (WS21,WS20) AISM1HOSIL - Hardware Oriented Signal Processing
  • (SS20) ITSB2EPHLB - Experimental Physics (Lab only)
  • (SS20) ITSB4MSTLB - Measurement and Control Technology (Lab only)

Supervision of Theses

For requests on supervision for Bachelor- and Master Theses, please reach out to me via e-mail, stating your field of interest, a possible topic, or the company the internship is conducted at. Even if your idea of the topic is not that clear at the moment, still reach out to me if you are interested in working with me. The topic can be refined/adjusted together.


My current research is focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science applied to the setting of industrial automation.


Since 2022 I am part of The Josef Ressel Center on Intelligent and Secure Industrial Automation (ISIA). This is a CDG funded research center at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences headed by FH-Prof. Dr. Stefan Huber. It is dedicated to fundamental-driven applied research and expects scientific excellence.

Previous Projects

  • 2022-03-2022-06 WISS funded project DaSuMa.
  • 2021-10 - 2022-02 COIN funded project Retailization4.0.
  • 2020-05 - 2021-09 InterReg Österreich-Bayern funded project DataKMU.
  • 2018-10 - 2020-04 Eurostars funded project MEIRS (while beeing with medPhoton GmbH)


see Publications, Google Scholar and ResearchGate.


  • 2021-10-20 @ iDSC’21, International Data Science Conference 2021, Vienna (Online)
  • 2020-02-13 @ JKU Linz, Institute for Computational Perception